Guest post: Presenting Corona SDK at Android MobileOptimized

Guest post: Presenting Corona SDK at Android MobileOptimized

Boolba Labs is a Russia-based game studio that’s been using Corona SDK for over two years. In the winter of 2012, Boobla Labs’ CTO, Anton Rutkevich, was invited to speak at Android MobileOptimized on his experience with cross-platform development using Corona SDK. At the event, Anton spoke to a room of budding developers on the benefits of Corona and his team’s Corona-built apps and games.

Boolba Labs logoAndroid MobileOptimized is a developers’ conference that took place in Minsk in December 2012. Over 130 young mobile technology specialists and developers attended to listen to presentations by speakers from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. The conference topics included Corona SDK, cross-platform issues, the use of touch events, issues of TCP in mobile apps, Python for mobile and more. Apart from these technical topics, the conference covered gamification, Android app testing, monetization and promotion.

Boolba Labs has been successfully using Corona SDK for mobile app and game development for over two years and we were excited to share information about the platform at the event. Anton Rutkevich, CTO of Boolba Labs, was invited to present on tips and tricks of cross-platform mobile development using Corona SDK. He spoke on the advantages of developing with Corona and talked a bit about the Lua programming language. The audience was very interested in the presentation and asked many questions about Corona and Boolba Labs’ Corona-built projects.

We were happy to speak about Corona because from our experience, Corona SDK is more highly documented, better supported and reasonably priced than the alternatives. Our most popular Corona-built games include Voltage and Wizard Runner to name a few. Voltage has elements of the classical Tetris and Plumber games and requires logical thinking to succeed. Thanks to Corona’s APIs, we were able to concentrate on gameplay instead of battling compatibility and fragmentation problems. Though Corona has its own limitations (just like any tool), we’re glad to see that the platform evolved quite a bit in the past few years. Overall, we’ve had a very positive experience with Corona SDK for all of our projects.

We’re very grateful to the organizers and participants of the conference for the opportunity to share our knowledge. We’d like to thank our technical director, Anton Rutkevich, for the insightful presentation and give a special thanks to Corona Labs for being a reliable partner that helped us bring our ideas to life.

Dasha Chipchay, PR Manager, Boolba Labs

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