MediaBrix ad/monetization plugin now available

MediaBrix ad/monetization plugin now available

mediabrixCorona Labs is pleased to announce the availability of the MediaBrix plugin for both iOS and Android.

MediaBrix has one goal – to create and deliver the most meaningful, contextual and emotional ad experiences for our premium brand partners in-app! 85% of Ad Age’s top global brands trust MediaBrix to curate the most premium emotional moments native to every app environment. You’ve carefully built your app environment for superb user interaction, flow and engagement; and we’ve taken the same care into building an emotional product suite that benefits brands and app developers in a big way! Plug into our SDK and choose which emotional moment makes sense for your app and start enjoying 2X the CPMs, that are to garner you, increased engagement and reduced user churn. MediaBrix solely provides brand advertising dollars and does not accept UA campaigns.


Rally is intended to encourage the user during times of mild success or challenge.  The format is similar to an interstitial ad, but one that appears during breaks to encourage users as they navigate the app experience. Examples include:

  • Games – User levels up
  • Fitness – User completes an exercise
  • Music – User completes a song they like


Rescue is a value exchange moment that requires the user to perform an engagement in return for an app reward. When the user is stuck or needs help, the sponsoring brand becomes the hero by offering timely assistance. Examples include:

  • Games – User fails to pass a level more than one
  • General – User wants locked content but unwilling to pay


Reward is presented during high achievement moments when the user is feeling happy and excited. Reward allows a brand to emotionally target achievements/milestones. This creates a halo effect on the brand and users reciprocate by engaging with the assets in a genuine fashion.  Example include:

  • Games – User obtains a new high score
  • Fitness – User has a new high fitness achievement
  • Finance – User achieved a weekly or monthly budget

You could also integrate all three; “rescue”, “rally” and/or “reward” at different moments within the same app. Rewards and rescue require that your app provide a reward, so that, the user loyalty remains with the app.

Learn More.

What do I need to do?

  1. Open an account with MediaBrix and register your app(s) at
  2. MediaBrix will contact you and review your apps’ Break Through Moments™ to insure a continuous and uninterrupted experience
  3. Mediabrix approves account and sends app ID and zone names
  4. Review the Knowledge Center documentation*.  Review each ad product’s customization
  5. Provide MediaBrix custom images and messaging to make the ad product contextual to your app and moment
  6. Integrate the plugin and create a test app for MediaBrix to review
  7. MediaBrix approves and sets app to get live ads

*Knowledge Center access requires account approval

How do I integerate MediaBrix?

Using MediaBrix in your app is just like other ad plugins, you’ll need to add code to  your build.settings file:

In addition, if building for iOS, add the following key-value pair within the iphone->plist table of build.settings.

Then in your main.lua file, require() the plugin, set up a basic ad event listener, and initialize MediaBrix, substituting the unique app ID provided by MediaBrix in place of "YOUR_APP_ID":

After successfully initializing the plugin, you can load an ad using mediaBrix.load(), substituting one of the placement IDs provided by MediaBrix in place of "PLACEMENT_ID":

Finally, when you’re ready, display the ad via, using the same placement ID associated with the ad that was loaded:

Note that the MediaBrix plugin also offers the mediaBrix.isLoaded() API to check whether an ad is loaded in advance of showing it.

Ad events and phases

Like other ad plugins, the MediaBrix plugin reports various event properties, and among these, the event.phase property can be associated with various function calls and the user’s interaction with ads. Please see the documentation for details.


Learn more about the MediaBrix plugin, or see it in action by downloading the sample app from GitHub.

Rob Miracle

Rob is the Developer Relations Manager for Corona Labs. Besides being passionate about helping other developers make great games using Corona, he is also enjoys making games in his spare time. Rob has been coding games since 1979 from personal computers to mainframes. He has over 16 years professional experience in the gaming industry.

  • scottrules44
    Posted at 14:42h, 03 May

    I don’t see the plugin on the store

    • Brent Sorrentino
      Posted at 14:56h, 03 May

      Sorry about that! It should be there now.

      • scottrules44
        Posted at 16:23h, 03 May

        Still not there

  • IanM
    Posted at 05:28h, 06 May

    Great work. MediaBrix is consistently our top performing ad network in terms of CPM. What % of the ads generate money for CoronaLabs?

    • Rob Miracle
      Posted at 13:12h, 06 May

      Unlike Facebook Audience Network and AppLovin, this is not a revenue sharing plugin.

  • IanM
    Posted at 08:03h, 07 May

    Even more amazing then!