iPhone 5 Has Diagonal Swipe Glitch May Affect Apps

iPhone 5 Has Diagonal Swipe Glitch May Affect Apps

Are your apps being affected by the iPhone 5 diagonal swipe glitch? It seems that the iPhone 5 is having some issues with repeat swipe actions. The issue seems to be isolated to iPhone 5 as shown in the video below. I’ve tried the same test on my old iPhone 4 running iOS 6 and my new iPhone 5 running iOS 6. As shown in the video, the screen just freezes after several repetitive swipes. I don’t have a 5th generation iPod, so I haven’t been able to test on that device. Have you seen any issues with your apps?

Charles McKeever

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  • charlesmckeever
    Posted at 13:31h, 03 December

    I don’t know if this issue will affect anyone using the Corona SDK, but in the interest of saving a developer a few hours of valuable life, I thought we’d include it anyway 🙂

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